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VARx Incorporated has been selling DEC products and Services throughout the Philadelphia area since May of 1995. Available products include many monitors, printers, and disk drives. Services include: Field Contracts, Repair Programs, Complete System Integration, Inter-media Data Replication, VAX/ALPHA VMS System or Cluster {consulting, tuning or capacity planning}.

Our clients benefit from the VARx difference.

Once purchased, our products are tested to verify FULL functionality. ALL products then undergo refurbishment procedures second to none in the industry. Monitors and printers are vacuumed, adjusted, lubricated, cleaned and worn parts are replaced. Disk drives and modules are carefully inspected in a strict static protected environment for defects. Following this, all products are burnt in (tested over time) to ensure durability.

Disks {drives, packs and HDAs} are fully scrubbed for 8+ Hours using a data and servo intensive procedure especially designed by VARx.

Due to our extensive refurbishing policy, VARx Incorporated provides a 90-day warranty on all products.

Disks and Disk HDAs are warranted for a full six months.

VARx Consultants are available for short or long-term projects from small systems to large cluster environments. We specialize in solving mission critical production problems.

VARx Consultants will also review hardware maintenance contracts to cut costs. Savings of 30% - 70% on your contract are typical.

VARx consultants are ALL DEC engineering review board certified

VARx is a nationally known DEC product reseller providing its clients with superb quality parts at the best possible prices on many hard to find DEC computer parts.

If your company is using DEC PDPs, VAXes or alphas:

And you need REAL DEC support!

‘Then your first thought should be VARx.’

CALL 856-217-7424

.......... OUR COMPETITION ISN'T EVEN CLOSE ..........

Do you have a closet full of printers and monitors that need repair??? Our repair programs can solve this problem cost effectively (like having your own trained tech). We specialize in working with clients that provide self-maintenance plans and third/fourth party maintenance providers.


90+ day warranty: Media copying and Expert Consulting Services.

Call for our disk upgrade or terminal self-maintenance plans.

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